“We Live in Time” Trailer : An Entire Decade of Romance

The Premise:

In the movie, we meet Tobias (played by Andrew Garfield), a recent divorcee, and Almut (Florence Pugh), a budding cook.
Unexpectedly coming together, their lives create a multi-decade love story.

The Unconventional Beginning:

Almut strikes Tobias by accident with her automobile, starting a series of events that will alter their lives forever.
Their romance grows from this fortuitous meeting, and they set off on a journey full of love, difficulties, and surprising turns.

A Difficult Truth:

We follow their journey as little glimpses into their shared existence appear, seeing them fall in love, establish a house, and start a family.
However, something troubling surfaces under the surface—something that puts their relationship’s basic basis in jeopardy.

Cherishing Each Moment:

Time is of the essence, yet Almut and Tobias learn to treasure each unique moment.
Their journey defies convention as their love story takes unforeseen turns.

The Talent Behind the Film:

“We Live in Time,” which is helmed by John Crowley, looks to be a very touching love story.
Nick Payne’s screenplay skillfully combines vulnerability, emotion, and the beauty of unorthodox love.

Release and Premiere:

On October 11, the movie is scheduled to have a limited theater release.
In September, it will have its global premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch the captivating teaser below and be ready to be enthralled by a timeless love tale:

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