A Contentious Transfer of Dr. Pooja Khedkar

Probationary IAS officer Dr. Pooja Khedkar recently caused controversy because of her purported abuse of authority while she was stationed in Pune.
Her acts sparked curiosity and prompted an official inquiry.

Unauthorized Rights and Requirements

It has been stated that Dr. Khedkar pursued unapproved benefits, such as driving a private Audi vehicle with a VIP license plate and a red-blue beacon light.
putting a “Maharashtra government” sign on her own car.
requesting extras like a constable, lodging, a staff-manned official chamber, and an official automobile with a VIP license plate—all of which were against probation officer policy.
taking up another collector’s antechamber without permission.
changing the office’s furnishings without permission.
giving a revenue assistant instructions to give things under her name, such as intercom, nameplate, visiting card, paperweight, and royal seal.

Transfer Decision

In a letter to the Chief Secretary, Pune Collector Dr. Suhas Diwase emphasized the accusations made against Dr. Khedkar.
Consequently, Dr. Khedkar was moved from Pune to the central Maharashtra region of Washim.
She will now take up the responsibilities of Washim’s supernumerary assistant collector.

Retired Officer’s Influence

It is said that the father of Dr. Khedkar, a retired administrative official, pressed the District Collector’s office to comply with his daughter’s requests.
Authorities were cautioned that noncompliance may have dire consequences.

Probation Continues

Even though Dr. Khedkar scored 841 on the UPSC test, she will now be transferred and reassigned to Washim to complete her probationary term as a supernumerary assistant collector.

Recall that the Dr. Pooja Khedkar case emphasizes the value of honesty and following procedures in the civil service. 🌟📜

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