The Tragic Hathras Stampede during Bhole Baba’s Satsang

In a tragic turn of events, a religious meeting in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, resulted in the deaths of at least 121 persons.

Over a hundred ladies and seven children attended the satsang held by self-styled guru Bhole Baba when the tragedy happened.

The stampede took place at Sikanda Rau tehsil’s Phulrai village.
Seeking spiritual comfort, devotees had flocked to attend the satsang.
People flocked around Bhole Baba’s feet as he strolled down the route, touching them and gathering earth as is usual.
A rush broke out amid the confusion, and several people plunged into a nearby sewer.

Government Reaction:

In a timely manner, the Uttar Pradesh administration identified the majority of the victims.
A financial help of Rs 50,000 was provided for the injured and Rs 2 lakh apiece for the relatives of the deceased.

To look into the reasons behind the catastrophe, an inquiry team headed by the Additional Director General of Police was established.

Where Is Bhole Baba?

The satsang speaker, Bhole Baba, has mysteriously disappeared from view.
Authorities are searching for him in order to understand what preceded the crowded meeting and to prosecute individuals responsible.

Our sympathies are with the families impacted by this tragic occurrence at this melancholy hour. 🙏🎊

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