Roof Collapse Chaos at Delhi Airport: What Happened Next Will Shock You!

After the most recent update, a total of six people sustained injuries during an event where a segment of the roof collapsed onto vehicles, notably taxis, amidst heavy rainfall at Terminal-1 of New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) on Friday. Immediate response from emergency services ensued, with three fire engines dispatched to the scene upon receiving reports of the roof collapse at approximately 5:30 am. The incident not only affected the roof sheet but also caused damage to support beams, resulting in harm to cars parked in the terminal’s pick-up and drop-off zone. All injured individuals were successfully rescued and taken to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

In light of the situation, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) implemented precautionary measures by temporarily halting departures from Terminal 1 and closing check-in counters to prioritize passenger safety. DIAL attributed the collapse to persistent heavy rainfall that had been ongoing since early morning, stating, “Due to heavy rain, a portion of the canopy at the old Departure forecourt of Delhi Airport’s Terminal 1 collapsed around 5 am. Emergency personnel are on-site providing necessary assistance and medical aid.”

Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu, personally oversaw the rescue operation, underscoring continuous efforts to aid affected individuals and coordinate with airlines operating from Terminal 1. The incident occurred amidst sustained heavy showers across Delhi and its adjacent National Capital Region (NCR), leading to waterlogging and disruptions in the area’s transportation networks.

Terminal 1 of Delhi Airport reopened to passengers on October 31, 2023, subsequent to a closure due to COVID-19 concerns and subsequent renovation projects. The terminal underwent substantial expansion to accommodate up to 40 million passengers annually, supported by advanced amenities including facial recognition systems, automated tray retrieval systems, and enhanced passenger facilities.

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