Mahua Moitra Roars Back: How Her Suspension Cost BJP 63 MPs!”

“TMC MP Mahua Moitra unleashed a scathing critique on the ruling BJP, denouncing her suspension from the previous Lok Sabha session as a desperate attempt to silence her. She warned the BJP against muzzling opposition voices, citing the party’s significant losses as a consequence of their actions. Moitra also expressed her disapproval of the Sengol installation in Parliament, labeling it a monarchical symbol incompatible with democratic values.

She highlighted the President’s address’s notable omission of critical issues like Manipur, despite a substantial increase in the North-East budget. Moitra challenged the BJP’s claims of women’s empowerment, pointing out the delay in parliamentary reservations and the party’s limited representation of women MPs.

Regarding Kashmir, Moitra questioned the logic behind the abrogation of Article 370 and criticized the BJP’s failure to field candidates in key regions. She also condemned the downgrading of Ladakh and accused the Election Commission of bias, alleging that the commissioners overlooked severe violations of the Model Code of Conduct by the ruling party.

In a personal reflection, Moitra shared her sacrifices, including the loss of her membership, home, and uterus, which she underwent a hysterectomy for following her suspension. She emphasized that her freedom from fear has empowered her to speak out against the BJP’s authoritarian tactics.”

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