Guddu vs. Kaleen: Mirzapur 3 Trailer Secrets Unveiled!

The producers of “Mirzapur” unveiled the much anticipated trailer for the third season on June 20. Even though fans are anticipating the new season, Munna bhaiyya, Divyenndu’s character, is noticeably missing. Discussions and responses over his absence have gone viral online.

Supporters have expressed their sadness about Munna bhaiyya’s absence. Some have emphasized the impact he had in earlier seasons, pointing out that the show lacked the same intensity without his presence. The absence of Munna’s black humor and spontaneous violence leaves fans concerned about the replacement.

Fascinatingly, there is talk that Munna bhaiyya may make a comeback. Referring to him as “amar” (immortal), fans have made comparisons to a statement made in a previous episode of Mirzapur. The actor Divyenndu, though, has played down rumors circulated by fans that his character would return.

Fans are still hoping for an interesting third season, even though they are without Munna. The teaser has a fleeting glimpse of Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen bhaiyya, who makes a big impression. Furthermore, it appears that Guddu Pandit, played by Ali Fazal, has assumed a central role, perched atop the gaddi (throne).

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