Breaking: Arvind Kejriwal Arrested by CBI Ahead of Crucial Supreme Court Hearing!

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, is the subject of a major investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). In relation to the now-closed liquor policy case, Kejriwal is anticipated to be arrested by the CBI tomorrow, the day of a critical Supreme Court hearing.

Important Points

Case of the booze Policy: The focus of the investigation is the policy on booze that was put in place under Kejriwal’s leadership.
Kejriwal’s remarks in Tihar jail was investigated by the CBI on Monday in order to compile information regarding the excise policy.
Just one day before the Supreme Court’s bail plea hearing in the ongoing money laundering case, the agency decided to arrest him.

Time and Controversy

Sanjay Singh, the Rajya Sabha MP for the AAP, claims that the central government is involved in a plot. He asserts that the Center wants to file a fictitious CBI case in order to get Kejriwal detained, even though there is a good chance he will win bail from the Supreme Court.
Due to differences in the findings, the Delhi High Court earlier today delayed the lower court’s ruling giving Kejriwal bail in the money laundering case.

Awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court

All eyes are on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Kejriwal’s bail request as the legal war heats up.
The case serves as a key example of how politics, the law, and public scrutiny may intertwine, and it is significant for Kejriwal as well as the Indian political scene.
In conclusion, Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest on the eve of the Supreme Court hearing adds drama to a judicial drama that is already highly heated. 📜🔍

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