Meet Kishan Bagaria: The Self-Taught Tech Prodigy Who Sold His App to WordPress for $50 Million!

Meet the extraordinary tech innovator from India who defied conventional paths by creating a groundbreaking application and ultimately selling it to WordPress for millions.

In today’s dynamic world, young entrepreneurs are redefining success through ingenuity, turning ideas into thriving businesses. Leading this charge is Kishan Bagaria, a 26-year-old visionary from Assam, India, who has captivated the tech industry with his journey from concept to acquisition.

Kishan Bagaria’s story is a testament to relentless determination and creativity. With no formal education in technology, he conceived, a pioneering platform that revolutionizes messaging management. By integrating popular apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram into a unified interface, texts.comoffers users a seamless experience with advanced AI features, ensuring privacy by concealing message read receipts.

The platform gained rapid acclaim through grassroots promotion, catching the attention of major industry players. Notably, WordPress and Tumblr’s founder, Matt Mullenweg, recognized Kishan’s innovation and acquired for a substantial $50 million. Mullenweg hailed Kishan as a “generational tech genius,” acknowledging his exceptional talent and foresight.

Kishan Bagaria’s journey underscores his unconventional path. Raised in Dibrugarh, Assam, he bypassed traditional higher education to immerse himself in the boundless resources of the internet. Since adolescence, Kishan has honed his tech skills independently, driven by an unyielding passion for innovation.

Today, Kishan continues to shape the future of messaging technology from Silicon Valley, where he relocated to expand post-acquisition. Despite his success, he remains deeply involved in the project as its head of messaging, committed to advancing its capabilities.

Eight months ago, joined forces with Automattic, as announced on their LinkedIn profile—a milestone celebrated by Kishan on his own platform. His journey exemplifies how determination, creativity, and a bold vision can propel one from humble beginnings to global recognition in the competitive tech landscape.

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